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23 Aug

Zhou Xiaoping Aug 25 - 16 Sep

A Contemporary Antiquity

Fusing elements of the antiquity of Chinese and Indigenous creative traditions with contemporary western art,

Chinese born and educated but now Melbourne based artist Zhou Xiaoping has developed a unique artistic

style that is a model for cross-cultural communication.Internationally acclaimed, Zhou is currently touring

China with one of his 40 worldwide exhibitions. We are privileged to again display his powerful art at

Framed Gallery.

Home - Ink, oil on rice paper and canvas 100 x 68cm  POA

People and Spirits - Ink, oil on rice paper and canvas 115 x 80cm  POA

Portrait II - oil on canvas  65 x 94cm  POA

Portrait III  - oil on canvas 61 x 55cm  POA

Portrait IV - oil on canvas 61 x 57cm  POA