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12 May

Award winning Sydney artist ROBYN GORDON is an extraordinarily talented visual artist creating works of riveting beauty and perceptive insight. Her expertise in many fields is truly remarkable. She is a painter, jeweller, printmaker, sculptor and textile artist, and is represented in the collections of the Australian National Gallery, regional galleries and a dozen overseas galleries.
Robyn's art focuses on coastal and marine environments in an exuberance of colours and textures reflecting her passion for marine ecology and her message of the interdependence of man and nature. Coral reefs and marine life are particularly important to her as they encapsulate within their forms the history of dynamic forces where they evolved. Believing that observation and knowledge of nature's intimacies enhance our understanding and appreciation, Robyn sees symbiotic strategies as essential to balance man's tendency to want to dominate nature. Hence the title of her exhibition, SEEKING SYMBIOSIS

"Through my works I aim to highlight nature's omnipresence depicting the often intoxicating and seductive beauty, ambiguity and interconnectedness of forms .... and the threatened continuing existence of these important areas now being faced. There IS a reachable point of no return, to be avoided.

Many symbiotic relationships rely on mutually co-operative protection, whilst others are in fact obligatory, i.e. they need each other for actual survival. I would like my exhibition to show my concerns for getting the balance right between humans and forces in nature, for our mutual, commensal survival." ROBYN GORDON.