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23 Aug

A Contemporary Antiquity

Fusing elements of the antiquity of Chinese and Indigenous creative traditions with contemporary western art,

Chinese born and educated but now Melbourne based artist Zhou Xiaoping has developed a unique artistic

style that is a model for cross-cultural communication.Internationally acclaimed, Zhou is currently touring

China with one of his 40 worldwide exhibitions. We are privileged to again display his powerful art at

Framed Gallery.

Home - Ink, oil on rice paper and canvas 100 x 68cm  POA

People and Spirits - Ink, oil on rice paper and canvas 115 x 80cm  POA

Portrait II - oil on canvas  65 x 94cm  POA

Portrait III  - oil on canvas 61 x 55cm  POA

Portrait IV - oil on canvas 61 x 57cm  POA

03 Aug

Of Time and Space

Arthur Hamblin was one of the contemporaries of the brushmen of the bush associating often with Pro Hart and Jack Absocom.
He has always been fascinated by life in the outback - the cattle Stations, the stockman’s life the homesteads, the local pubs and their place in the community, those country race days and so on.

It was Arthur who was given the enviable task of accompanying those on the last great cattle drive into 1988 which culminated in longreach. During that iconic muster experience he painted pannikins, old windmill blades and all sorts of detritus found along the old stock routes. These were auctioned off to help in the establishment of the Stockman’s Hall of Fame.

Arthur lived in Darwin for many years in fact from 1984 to 1993 and long term Darwinites might recall the painting lessons he gave in Framed - the Darwin Gallery ( then The Showcase Gallery ) Arthur has constantly shown his work through this gallery since those days.

Though he has exhibited in every state of Australia and is widely known and collected, when asked for an updated C.V. Arthur said “ breathe and I paint”

Now at eighty four he is returning to Darwin for this show.

Please meet him at the opening by Peter Moody ( trainer of Black Caviar ) at 7.00pm on Friday 4th August 2017 Previews from 6.30pm Exhibition concludes 24th of August.

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